evolving through adversity


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More Raving Reviews


"Seconde does a beautiful job illustrating the complexities surrounding cross-continental migration, the immigrant experience, and identity formation through her life full of challenges and joy. I really appreciated each chapter, which highlighted a different aspect of her journey. Her strength and resiliency really helped me reflect on my own life and appreciate the obstacles that I continue to face in life as opportunities for growth. An incredibly reflective book about self-love and discovery!"

Megan Keaveney


"Seconde does a wonderful job describing her life in Africa as a child then moving to the west as a young adult with a new family. She explores the cultural differences as a woman that she encounters and her journey trying to find herself along the way. She has added thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter to help you relate her story to your own."

 Jenn Wulff


"Evolving Through Adversity is an example of how we can’t love and honor others, without first loving and honoring ourselves. Love comes from within, and this book teaches us how to find it.”
— B. Imei Hsu


“What a gift! Written by an extraordinary woman who, through much adversity, finds incredible potential within herself. This book is filled with lessons of perseverance and hope, beneficial to everyone.”
— Susan Friedmann


" Hello Seconde, I read your story on my trip to Mexico - I couldn't put it down!  I have a new appreciation for so much in your life and the women of Burundi" – Mary Brueggeman


“I wish such a book had been written a long time ago, but everything comes when we’re ready for it to transform our lives for the better.”
Frank Reed