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Seconde Nimenya is a public speaker, a leader on multicultural diversity, and the author of the award-winning book, Evolving Through Adversity: How to Overcome Obstacles, Discover Your Passion, and Honor Your True Self. A touching and captivating speaker, Seconde uses her own life experiences to deliver effective and sustainable strategies, communicating to her audience how adapting to change is crucial to achieving success in all aspects of our lives. Having the remarkable ability to customize each presentation for her particular audience’s needs, Seconde Nimenya’s presentations foster compassion, and understanding that produce lasting results.


Seconde has emerged to become an internationally-recognized inspirational speaker, cultural diversity and inclusion expert, college and university leadership lecturer, and a coach. While serving top organizations throughout the world, her life journey— a story filled with life lessons, has inspired audiences everywhere.


Her drive in helping others has lead her to helping many organizations increase their philanthropic portfolio, and achieve sustainable global development.

A true entrepreneur, She is the founder of the Global Impact Makers Initiative (GIMI), a project with a mission to connect global minds and impact global lives.



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Praise for Evolving Through Adversity


"I love that this book’s title is Evolving Through Adversity because while other books have been written about adversity, they are usually about overcoming or defeating it. I think "evolving" is a more powerful and truthful word because we don’t just defeat adversity; we really merge with it, collide with it, and then it changes us, allowing our souls to evolve, and more than anything, the evolution of our souls should be our purpose on this Earth.

Congratulations, Seconde, on the book award! It is well, well-deserved. I told you it was a five star book!"

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. award-winning author


"When I started reading Evolving Through Adversity, I could not put the book down. The simple yet outstanding narrative style makes it easy to follow Seconde through her amazing journey. You get to understand and appreciate how far some people (great people) have come. Evolving Through Adversity makes you wonder how sometimes in the Western wonderland we take things for granted. I do hope that this book will one day lead to a great movie! Highly recommended!"  Freddy, Brisbane- Australia


“What a gift! Written by an extraordinary woman who, through much adversity, finds incredible potential within herself. This book is filled with lessons of perseverance and hope, beneficial to everyone.”
— Susan Friedmann, international best-selling author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market


"Seconde, I read your book on my trip to Mexico - I couldn't put it down! I have a new appreciation for so much in your life."  Mary Brueggeman, Seattle


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