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Humanity is intertwined; there is no 'self' without the 'others' and there are no 'others' without the 'self'. We all matter, and we have a purpose to fulfill.

Seconde Nimenya, author of the award-winning book, Evolving Through Adversity: How to Overcome Obstacles, Discover Your Passion, and Honor Your True Self.


Seconde Nimenya was born in Burundi, East-Central Africa and studied History at the University of Burundi. Shortly after graduation, she immigrated to Canada where she went back to school and studied business administration. After 12 years in Canada, Seconde moved to the United States as she pursued her MBA. She is now an author, full-time public speaker and a leadership coach.

In her award- winning book called Evolving Through Adversity, Seconde takes you on an intimate journey through her formative years and shares openly the life lessons she learned along the way. She shares her own life struggles, including surviving civil wars in her native country, fighting to get an education, dealing with family dynamics, and much more reflections; as an example of how you can evolve through adversity in your life. You’ll be inspired to reflect on your own obstacles to see how everything you’ve experienced has led you to where you are right now, and was necessary for your personal growth to reach your true purpose in life.


Today, Seconde Nimenya is a leading advocate for women and youth. Her compassion, expertise and life experiences have made her a key voice in global development; working on issues such as ending violence against women; and raising awareness about global issues for women and girls in the developing world.  

Seconde's mission is to help people overcome their adversities, transform their personal stories into teachable moments, and empower them to make a global impact.

She is the Founder of the Global Impact Makers Initiative (GIMI)™, a global community initiative with a mission to engage members in global development, and interact with global minds with similar global interests.

For more information about this initiative, please visit: www.Globalimpactmakers.com




Raving Book Reviews


"I love that this book’s title is Evolving Through Adversity because while other books have been written about adversity, they are usually about overcoming or defeating it. I think "evolving" is a more powerful and truthful word because we don’t just defeat adversity; we really merge with it, collide with it, and then it changes us, allowing our souls to evolve, and more than anything, the evolution of our souls should be our purpose on this Earth.

Congratulations, Seconde, on the book award! It is well, well-deserved. I told you it was a five star book!"

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. award-winning author


"When I started reading Evolving Through Adversity, I could not put the book down. The simple yet outstanding narrative style makes it easy to follow Seconde through her amazing journey. You get to understand and appreciate how far some people (great people) have come. Evolving Through Adversity makes you wonder how sometimes in the Western wonderland we take things for granted. I do hope that this book will one day lead to a blockbuster movie! Highly recommended!"  Freddy, Brisbane, Australia


" Chère Seconde; VOTRE LIVRE EST EXCELLENT. Nous parlerons de votre expérience, je voulais vous dire que c’est un beau livre."

Nathalie Barge, Voice of America News, Washington DC

"It was great meeting you at the summit. That was a great event. Your message is very powerful. I look forward to reading your book."  Dave S., Snohomish, Washington

"Seconde, I read your book on my trip to Mexico - I couldn't put it down! I have a new appreciation for so much in your life and the women of Burundi."  Mary B., Seattle, Washington



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